One of the first-ever musicals on asexuality, Ace of Hearts unveils the problems of our sex-crazed world. Written by Natasha Pearson and Hayden Dun, Ace of Hearts is directed by Mudit Dhami and choreographed by Bradley Beard.

Content warnings: This production explores themes of sexual and physical assault, suicide and queerphobia.

Tickets: Conc. $24 | Group (4+) $27 | Standard $32

Dates & Times:
Friday 1st Feb 2019 – 7:30pm
Saturday 2nd Feb 2019 – 7:30pm
Sunday 3rd Feb 2019 – 7:30pm (with Q&A after)
Friday 8th Feb 2019 – 8:15pm
Saturday 9th Feb 2019 – 8:15pm
Sunday 10th Feb 2019 – 7:30pm

Location: The MC Showroom Prahran, Level 1, 48 Clifton St, Prahran, Victoria

Thankyou to the following people without whom we never could have made it to stage!

Jaimi Houston - Photography

Stephen Amos - Photography

David Vi Duong - Logo Design

Caterina Gould - Graphic Design

David Raff - Graphic Design

John Collopy

Jason Lehane

Thankyou also to Miao Mangmang, The MC Showroom & Midsumma Festival.

A big shout out to MUST and Yvonne Virsik who provided us our first stage and to the following people for those early productions:

Kelly Wilson – Director /Vocalist

Mudit Dhami – Director

Paris Balla – Vocalist

William Yates - Vocalist

Roan Johnson - Keira

Tina Korovinis – Danielle

David Trevascus – Michael/ Director

Hannah Biggs - Andy

Naomi Black - Sophie

Jemima Middis - Brittany

Mingchun Liu - Scott

Zainab Abdul – Michael’s Mum

Ellan Ma – Keira’s Mum

Kitty Robinson - Ryan

Diane Pereira - Choreographer

Yashith Fernando - Michael

Jarad Hogan – Tinker Guy

Joseph Simms – Tinker Guy