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Natasha Pearson

Natasha Pearson is a Melbourne based Composer/Songwriter with a Bachelor of Music Composition from Monash University. Her music has been performed by a wide variety of ensembles including Ensemble Goldentree, Grainger Wind Symphony, Ensemble Phorminx and Melbourne's own PLEXUS.

Natasha has a strong backing in both the jazz and classical genres, taking classes at tertiary institutions since the age of 13. At the heart of her work is a passion for story, melody, and a love of sunlight and beauty. 

Natasha’s works have featured in new musicals and chamber ensemble concerts both locally and internationally. After releasing her debut album New Leaf in 2016, this year Natasha looks forward to working with Lirica Musa and developing Ace of Hearts, a new Australian musical. 

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Hayden Dun

Hayden Dun is a Melbourne pianist, composer and producer. His music has been performed by Ensemble Phorminx in Germany, the Canberra Youth Symphony Orchestra, and by Melbourne-based ensemble Plexus. Hayden regularly performs at retirement villages, weddings, and North West FM


Hayden specialises in writing for films, video games, concert, dance and musical theatre, his latest productions being:

Stick And Stones, Metamorphosis, Melbourne Comedy Festival show Heart Thy Neighbour, and Melbourne Comedy Festival musical Jamie And The ATAR.